Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 9 (Deffi Clinic)

Assalamualaikum and ahlan wahsalan to my blog.

Today is where the newcomers are to collect the malaria report from Deffi clinic. Deffi clinic is owned by the Royal commission (and I don’t even know what it means). As usual, after arriving at work in the morning and then waiting for transport at the front gate at 8:15am to bring us to Al Lulu and Deffi. The transport was not there at 5 minutes past the designated time, so I called Mr Haitam and it was just an ‘ok’ reply. I assumed that the arrangements were not done as the bus arrived 30 minutes later! These kind of arrangements must be followed up by any of us so that things get moving and a reminder is that we must be patient here at KSA.

We were at Deffi at about quarter past nine and when we went into the office of the person incharge, he told us to come back at 10:30 am as the results were not ready yet. That’s because our names has to be written in Arabic, so another person wrote our names on the form and then the first person got our reports from another room. Alhamdulillah all were tested negative. The malaria result is then submitted to James for further arrangements.

For me, it was sadness that showed as my ID number was still not created due to some technical errors and approvals. Since the President is on leave, the acting President is not authorised to approve any documents so I must wait until Saturday for the President to be back. I just hope that all will be done by Sunday as pay day is just around the corner. All thanks to the secretary for trying to get my documents done by contacting the persons required. No, it is not a she but a he and his Name is Turki. Very nice person.

Then, back home for a bath and rest. After my rest, it was off to Al Hason to visit for a night at Rohizan’s apartment. He had an empty bed and asked if I wanted to stay there for a night or two and I said yes. I thought that if I try staying there, I would get the feel and maybe decide if I would move there or to Al Mishal. Picked up by Jo, I was at Al Hason at about 7pm. Skyped with Lynn who is having fever, but hopefully will get better after seeing me even though through the monitor.

Later, Rohizan brought me down to look at the area where the shops are like Jalan Bukit Bintang as I mentioned in my earlier blog. They call 1 street Ladies Street and now I know why they call it that. From lingerie to perfume to kids stuff to fabric to make up products to shoes to handbags to whatever related to women! The list would be too long if I continue. Then there is Jubail centre with shops selling electrical items, jeans and I mean Levis original made in Mexico! Just like any other shopping complex and cheap if you know where to go. I bought a 501 button for just SAR190! Imagine how much it would cost in Malaysia?

Going through the alleys and shops, we then headed for prata and tea. Then it was back to Al Hason. About Al Hason, the apartment Rohizan is renting has no carpet so no smelly carpet and the place is clean. It’s furnished with a sofa set, wardrobes in the 2 rooms, beds that can fit 4 persons and a kitchen for cooking. Looks ok to me compared to the earlier rooms the tenant showed when we were here earlier. I won’t mind renting here just in case Al Mishal is still not available end of the month. We’ll see when the time comes.

Tips : DO NOT take any photographs in the open. You can be hauled by the local police and put in the lock up without questions asked! Try not to walk on the water on the roadside as it is waste water from underground.

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