Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 days later.

Hello and a good evening.

Today Monday, the new guys went for their Malaria test at Deffi. They also reported to their respective superiors and began work as usual.

Waiting for transport.

For me, work is piling up and another task is given. This time for waste management. Then for lunch, the guys at PC (actually I followed because Joe brought me) had lunch at Bukhari at the Industrial area near the plant. Just the usual rice with chicken but not spicy enough for me. Then I went to check my salary payment at finance but again they said to try again tomorrow. This time i’m crossing my fingers!

After work, it was broadband the whole night! Yup, got my braodband running. Just simple, bought the broadband modem with sim card insert so you can also use different networks. Here it is Mobily and STC but there are others too. They say these two are the stronger ones so I got STC. My modem cost me SAR260 and the sim card is the normal card sim for SAR100. Top up 333 and I get 433 but I only use 350 credits for unlimited access. Downloading is fast but you must set the signal to 3G only.

On Tuesday, I got my paycheck afte all the waiting and alhamdulillah I got it. Then cashed the cheque at Banque Saudi Fransi at Jubail Industrial area and I think this bank is French origin. Sent some cash back via online by my friends Riyadh bank account. Charges are SAR80 per transaction, SAR30 at KSA and another 50 deducted from the transfer. (As explained by my friend as he was doing the transfer) Other banks charge differently but Tahweel Al Rajhi only charge SAR20 for 1 transaction but you must queue.

Later at night, Zul from Sipchem brought us to the Al Huwaylat Mall at RC and we had dinner at Applebee’s. It is a western style restaurant and was the food expensive! We had burger, shrimp penne and chicken something with drinks and guess how much it was? SAR274! Just for 3 persons. That mall is basically a posh area so expect things to be a little dear but quality and the cleanliness is there. There was even a cleaner cleaning the outside of the mall. You won’t see that at Jubail town. Bought myself an ironing board and some other items at Panda, which is slightly bigger than the one at Kim’s and the arrangement was nice. They even have a hair salon there and Jarir bookstore, the biggest bookstore (I think) selling laptops and netbooks and computer parts with books too of course.

Hair salon at RC.

After buying what was necessary, it was back home for beddy byes.

Good night.

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