Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 13.

Good evening and peace to all.

As of today, I am still waiting for the President to release my RR but as he is still out of the office, I will still be waiting. Hopefully he will be in tomorrow. But according to YB, a colleague, he says that even if we do not have an ID number we will still be given our salary. I just hope what he says is true as we will be closed for Haj vacation for 9 days! At least I can go touring with my friends here and look around. But not Mekkah as it will be open only for Haj pilgrims so we would most probably go to Al Khobar or Madinah. Insyaallah.

Today I was speaking to Malik, the new legal advisor to the President about the translation and documents for our family Visa. What he did was go through Think + and having the documents translated in KL, his copies in Arabic were only endorsed and atested, signed by the translator, Putrajaya and the Saudi Embassy in KL. According to Think+, it is sufficient for the application here. But what I have done is translating here in KSA and attached to the Arabic translation is the copy of my documents in English. Will call Rayhar tomorrow to confirm what I need to send to them so as not to delay the proccess.

Today, I was also given a copy of PRIDE which is for new employees in Saudi Kayan but I think it is only for the Central Workshop and Services. Going through the notes, I will have to set targets and objectives for myself. Of course it has to be discussed with my Superintendant.

Leaving for home at 4 as usual, and arriving at quarter to 5 in the evening, Nizam suggested we go for ‘teh tarik’ at the sendwich shop next to Kim’s so that was what we did. He also had a burger there but mine was take away to be eaten later in the night and that would be my dinner. Am trying not to eat rice for dinner as lunch at the office is filling enough. Then a little Skype and back for a bath, I had my burger.

But then a call from a fellow Malaysian, he invited me out for a cup of coffee. Zaharin from Sipchem and former BPC staff, we went to the same coffee house that I went yesterday. Talked and also called Tuan Razman to join us and so he did. We were there until about 11pm and had to head back to the apartment as we were, well, at least me was getting sleepy. A lot of good fellow Malaysians keeping us comfortable and very helpful. Thank you all!

Hope to have a good nights sleep.

Good bye.

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