Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 6.

Salam and sabaah al khair.

Another morning and another day in the land of Saudi Arabia. Today is safety induction day as required for all employees in Saudi Kayan. As usual, the pick up was at 7am and alhamdulillah it was a bus that came. So all of us managed to board and none was left behind. Arriving in time, we then reported to our respective departments going about our daily work. Assignments are already given to some of us making use of our manpower. But as we do not have access to computers and SAP due to not getting the ID number yet, we can only go through manuals and other reading material.

Today was the chance that I had to go into the site with another colleague, to the PP plant. Of course by vehicle and wow!, the plant is so big that the guy got lost lookng for the PP cabins. It took us about 20 minutes to look for the cabins. As the construction is still on going, traffic and human traffic were all over the place. After meeting the relevant people, we then headed back to the maintenance office. Lunch for me was at 12pm and after lunch was our safety induction at Building 3. Person in charge was Mr Basil Al Haqbani. It just took him 15 minutes to complete his presentation and it was back to our office. Talk about fast! Back to work...

At my work desk, borrowed from Mr Khalid as he is away but for only 1 week, I just picked up any books or manuals to read just to pass time. No assignment or objectives yet so I try to occupy myself in any way I can. 4 pm on the dot and it’s going home time, walking to the bus arranged in just a few minutes. Upon arriving at the apartments, I got myself ready to be picked up by Johan for dinner at his place. The cook, his wife of course. Knowing that she cooks delicious servings, I was looking forward to dinner tonight. And was I right! Prawns cooked with chili and cauliflower braised with chicken. Guess how much the prawns were? SAR3.80 per kg! Compared to RM16 per kg at Kuantan. What a difference.

After dinner, it was my time to Skype with the wife as Jo and another friend stuck to the TV set watching EPL matches. The final match I managed to watch was the Chelsea – MU match and I even saw the goal scored by John Terry. With the final whistle blown, it was back home for me. Another thank you to Edira for a wonderfully cooked dinner.

Good night, massalamah.

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