Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 8.

Peace be upon you and good evening.

Today was just a normal day with not much to do as assignments are not given yet. But thanks to Allah, our contracts has been signed by the President and my copy has been given to me. The setback for me is that I still do not have my ID number. The final release is from the President and then to Riyadh for processing. Good thing is all is done online so the pace is quicker but of course, due to human behaviour, there would still be problems.

Today was another milestone for me as I visited the Central workshop and Maintenance workshop. Work was about 50 to 60 percent complete and I don’t know what the expected date of completion is. My future office will be at the maintenance workshop on the 1st floor. As usual, lunch, prayers, office and home at 4pm.

A quick bath and sholat, it was off to dinner with Nizam and Tuan. We settled to eat at Coco just opposite the Mosque due to limited time as Isha was just about 30minutes to go. We ate the famous rice with chicken in a pan (I think called Lahambd) as usual and each shop has different servings. It was similar to the shop at Al Jalal street but the best is still at Al Manakh. Must have another go there next week. Yum yum. After dinner, it was a slow walk to the Cyber cafe.

8:30pm and it was back home. Good night.

Tips: Bring cold weather clothes as it will be getting cold soon. Gloves would be good.

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