Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 10.

Sorry, tertinggal Day 10.

Today is Thursday and it is a weekend for us at Saudi Arabia. Woke up early to go for Sholat at the nearby mosque and back to the apartment for a rest.

Woke up at about 9am to get ready to go to Al Bayyan translation office 30 minutes from Al Hason. Arrived there and submitted the documents required for translation from English to Arabic. I had 2 birth certs, a marriage cert and a certificate and it cost me SAR200. Collection was in 2 days. Rohizan was also there to translate his driving license to Arabic, and yes, a translation is needed if you want a Saudi driving license. A note to those wanting to convert their driving license to an Arab license, please make sure that your license is only one card. Malaysian driving licenses have either 1 or 2 if it is renewed. So remember, 1 license with your photo and of course valid!

Walking back to the apartment through shops along the road gave us so many choices of things to buy but it was just window shopping as the time will come. Back at the apartment, we had visitors, En Ismail, Maulana and Ridzuan. Rohizan prepared fish ‘keropok’ brought from Malaysia served with Maggi chili sauce also from Malaysia (You cannot find them here). Today was just a lazy day, surfing the internet and updating anything necessary as Wifi was available 24hrs but the lines keep dropping from time to time. Could be the overload as everyone here uses the internet. Took the oportunity to come here for the access as Kim’s had nothing to offer at all except going to a Cyber cafe.

It Sholat time for Maghrib and it’s time to go for prayers and then dinner. For dinner, it was a Al Manakh for the second time in 12 days! But this time the dish was a little different, not as spicy as the first time. Maybe because a different person was ordering or maybe because we did not know what to order? This time it is a whole chicken for 2 persons, and we finished the chicken but could not finish all the rice. Normally a whole chicken can feed 4 persons, and the price was SAR32 with 2 bottles of mineral water. Then, it was straight back to Al Hason as the shops will be closing for Isha in a few minutes time.

On the internet and watching some television later, we slept early. Must be from the full stomach or tiredness from yesterdays walking. Yawnnn, good night.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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