Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 18.

Assalamualaikum dan good evening.

I will not write about Day 17 because nothing happened and it was sleeping in the whole day. Of course in between was breakfast and lunch. But dinner was actually a gathering for the new Saudi Kayan employees from Malaysia. We had beriani rice with lamb and chicken. It was also a question and answer session with Taufiq, Din Kayan and YB. I won’t go into details but just pictures to show you who was present.

Day 18, another rest day with Friday prayers seperating the day. After prayers, we met another Malaysian not from SABIC but with Dailog SA already here for 3 weeks. Tuan started conversation and this guy was wondering where all the Malaysians were as he did not see many of them. Then he offered us a ride back but before heading home, he brought us to where he was staying. It was Nesma Village, a guarded (really guarded) compound with armed security at the entrance and exit of the village. It was a compound with single story bungalows from 1 room to 3 rooms and the rental of his unit is SAR6000 per month! Very nice and cosy with furniture, a television set, washing machine, cooker, blah, blah, blah.......

After that, we invited him back to our apartment where we continued with our conversation. Since I was cooking lunch, we offered him to stay for lunch which he did and again continued. Later, he went down and brought an Arab with him who was his chairman’s nephew. He started conversing with him and he could speak arabic with this Arab! We were so surprised as he was just here for 3 weeks but later we found out that he was from an arabic school back in Malaysia. Maybe it was easier for him to learn as he had the basics and I even picked up a few words from their conversation. (Well, its a start)

Then after Isha, Tuan, Nizam, Cheng and I went into Jubail town. Tuan was looking for a tailor to make a ‘jubah’ for his son and I was there to get my prepaid topped up. We both got what we wanted and I even bought myself a modem for internet access on my laptop. Hopefully it will work but I must get a 3G sim card for internet access. After all the shopping, we stopped at Al Manakh for dinner cum supper and this time we ordered similar to the first kabsah we had. Yum, yum.

We headed home by getting a ‘teksi sapu’ and it was a Mercedes 280. Then it was off to bed as tomorrow is a workday.

Good night.

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