Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FIT for duty.

Those were the words of relief when I walked into the doctors room. (Minta maaf ye? Kali ini tulis dlm Inggeris, takut lupa nanti)

Ok, this post is to talk about my medical done at Kuantan Medical Centre yesterday, 16th February 2009 at the ESP department on the ground floor of the Hospital. ES stands for Executive Screening but I don't know what the P stands for. It is a special centre just for medical screening purposes, looks very comfortable and the nurse is friendly too.

When I arrived at 8:15am, I was greeted by the nurse (did not get her name, mmph) and registered myself for screening. After taking down my weight, height and BP, the nurse then brought me through the procedures beginning from blood, urine and stool (err, yes shit in english!). Then was the x-ray and then the audio. The most dificult test was the audio as there were multiple tones and dB's. After completing these tests came the Miningitis jab and later my Hep B jab (had to carry out the Hep B jab as I had no anti-bodies). Lastly was meet the doctor session, Dr Catherine Lim. She was very friendly and went through all the details as she had to record down in her report.

Finally was the conclusion of my Medical Examination and the answer is *yes, you got it* fit for duty! I was so relieved as I was nervous from the beginning and all this only took 3 and a half hours. Just half day for the examination and heading back home was my next destination bringing the good news to my wife. Alhamdulillah all is well.

Now's the other part, to prepare all the documents to submit to T+ for my Visa processing. With Allah's blessing, I will compile all the documents and submit to them before the end of next week.


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